Swimming pool and sauna Residence Les Cimes

Wellness Area

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A relaxing break

Nestled in an authentic decor where wood dominates, our wellness area is an invitation to serenity and relaxation. Here, every detail has been designed to offer an escape from everyday stress, promoting perfect harmony between mind and body.

Swimming pool and sauna Residence Les Cimes

Live a revitalizing experience in our swimming pool

The play pool, heated to an ideal temperature of 30°C, promises incomparable moments of calm. Its swan neck is specially designed to offer a gentle and targeted massage to the neck, thus relieving accumulated tension. Thanks to jets that transform the water into a bubble bath, relax so that each bubble stimulates your circulation and relaxes your muscles. These combined effects not only promote muscle relaxation, but also help eliminate toxins, improving your general well-being.

The benefits of the sauna

A stone’s throw from the swimming pool, the sauna welcomes you with dry heat, perfect for purifying the body.

The benefits of the sauna are multiple: it improves blood circulation, deeply cleanses the skin and strengthens the immune system.

This experience is also beneficial for the mind, helping to eliminate stress and calm thoughts.


The atmosphere of our wellness area

This well-being space, both aesthetic and functional, is a true sanctuary of peace. Residents are invited to immerse themselves in this world of relaxation, where each element, from the gentle crackling of wood to the soothing murmur of water, evokes tranquility. Treat yourself to a well-deserved break in our wellness area and feel the profound benefits of relaxation on your mind and body.

Access is reserved only for residents of the residence.